Features for individuals & families

Take advantage of our easy-to-use features


Using the universally recognized, auto-populating record request form, identify previously visited facilities from where records will be gathered. All records are collected and uploaded to your portal. 


Share records with doctors, providers, family, and professionals regardless of whether or not they have a ConsoliDoc account. Easily control the duration and authority of access from your account.

General Health

Personalize and update a brief synopsis of your immediately relevant medical information. This summary contains all information necessary to understand your needs as a patient.

Imaging & Scans

Securely organize and access CAT/CT scans, MRIs, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, and other medical imaging. Easily interact with records to see what the doctors are seeing.

Medical Documentation

Consolidate all medical documentation; from all providers, in one location. Gathered documentation is filed by date, location, and physician.

Medication Log

Access, update, and share a complete list of your current and past medications. Add notes and side effects to better manage your prescriptions. 

ConsoliDoc record management for…

Just a few of the ways ConsoliDoc can help you to take control of your medical records. 

Family Management

Parents and guardians can combine record management of children, elderly parents, and others under their care. ConsoliDoc enhances organization, accessibility and management.

Chronic Health Patients

Consolidate all medical information from all facilities, simplifying continuity of care and providing the most complete medical history available.


Store, manage, and share test results to stay on top of COVID-19. Accurately track progress by adding symptom notes within your individualized notes section. 


In the case of an emergency, share your necessary information with providers in an easy-to-navigate format. Make sure you and your loved ones are prepared for any medical situation.

College & School Forms

Share release forms with any educational facility. Consolidate allergy forms, IEPs, 504s, accommodation plans, vaccination logs, and any other required documents in customized folders.


Prepare for TeleHealth sessions with immediate access, secure record sharing, and interactive tools to interface with your records.

See how easy managing life can be.