Frequently Asked Questions

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ConsoliDoc is a secure medical records storage company devoted to helping patients and families take control of their medical records. On a user’s behalf, ConsoliDoc requests, receives, and digitizes records from all previously visited medical facilities. Collected information is securely uploaded to a secure patient portal, where it can be accessed, managed, and shared by the user. ConsoliDoc removes the headache from an individual having to request and manage records. The intuitive patient dashboard ensures that all people can be prepared for any types of medical situation, no matter where or when.

ConsoliDoc provides a service to collect, manage, and share your medical records and a digital space to store, access, and manage them. For the first time, all of your medical records, from all facilities, practices, and hospitals, will be centralized in one location, allowing you to easily manage your information from your personalized dashboard. Managing your medical records has never been more patient friendly.

ConsoliDoc provides service to individuals, families, medical practices, educational communities, businesses, corporations, and sports teams looking for a convenient solution to medical record management.

NO. Your medical records are your medical records.

Yes, with your authorization, ConsoliDoc will retrieve, digitize, and upload your birth certificate to your portal.

Yes. When sharing your records, input the email address of the intended recipient and ConsoliDoc will send that individual a secure link via email. This link will expire according to the timeframe you have set. You can alter the duration of access for the individual you have shared your records with at any time.

Yes, you can easily share records with any medical provider, whether or not they have a ConsoliDoc account.

It’s entirely up to you. You can share specific records and folder, or management or viewing authority with family, friends, medical providers, and other professionals.

Users personalize space to  brief summorize of all their immediately relevant medical information. This summary contains allergies, diagnoses, medications, and patient information critical to understand before administering care. The ConsoliDoc General Health quickly informs providers, so they can determine the best treatment possible.

Twice a year, on February 1 and October 1, ConsoliDoc will send a push notification to all users, asking if they have been to any facilities and reminding them to input any new record requests and update biometric data.

Yes, ConsoliDoc will request records from existing pharmacies that distribute copies of medical records.

With the features currently offered, ConsoliDoc does not fall under the purview of HIPAA, is not a covered entity, and is not a business associate. Nonetheless, ConsoliDoc has implemented various precautions and safeguards that would be required to comply with HIPAA regulations and privacy guidelines. 

Adult Manager: Adult Managers are 18 years of age or older and are fully in control of the account. They are able and responsible to access and manage other users under their account. 


Managed Adult: Managed Adults are 18 years of age or older, but have no authority to control the account. Adult managers must create their own account and then share their profile with an Adult Manager. Alternatively, they may receive an invite to create their account from an existing Adult Manager. 


Managed Minor: Managed Minors are under 18 years of age, that have no authority to control their own account. Managed Minors must be managed by their legal guardian, who is registered as a Managed Adult.

ConsoliDoc utilizes a new user queue to manage the number of active record requests and best serve active users. If ConsoliDoc is experiencing an influx of record requests, the number of new users will be slowed down to ensure all record requests are handled in an appropriate amount of time.

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