Frequently Asked Questions

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ConsoliDoc enables users to consolidate their complete medical history in one location. In order to do so, users must submit record requests to indicate where records should be gathered from. Once a user submits a record request, it is sent to the specified facility, who sends your records to our facility. When they arrive, records are quickly and securely organized, digitized, and uploaded to the users ConsoliDoc portal, where the information can access, manage, and share them.

ConsoliDoc will request records from any existing medical facility that may be housing your records.

Once you submit your record request, it is processed and sent out by ConsoliDoc within 24 hours. We then wait for records to arrive at our facility before uploading them to your account. Varying wait time are contingent on how quickly facilities send records to ConsoliDoc.

After records have been successful uploaded, they are destroyed in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

14 days after you cancel your subscription, all of your records will be deleted and ConsoliDoc will provide proof of deletion to the email previously registered to your account.

Quick actions allow you to navigate directly to features available within ConsoliDoc

ConsoliDoc does not share duplicates or copies of records, but rather provides temporary access to original files within the cloud. This allows for enhanced moderation of document integrity.

ConsoliDoc does not play any role in custody or marital disputes as it has no ability to act without expressed authorization from users. Users are solely responsible for monitoring account access. 

You should connect records to enhance organization and condense your information as best as possible. Connecting records allows you and your providers to quickly navigate between all records and information pertaining to any diagnosis, medication, or allergy. For example: if I have been diagnosed with lower back pain, I would want to connect the supporting MRIs, XRays, Medications, and doctors notes. Then, when I want to view the diagnosis at a later date, I won’t have to individually identify each record. 

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